Footwear and Fashion Retail

Tools used

Figma, Shopify , Photoshop , illustrator

Project: Heelys Shoes Website Redesign and Layout Design

Client Overview:

Heelys Shoes, a prominent online shoe store, approached us with the aspiration to revamp their digital storefront. Their vision was to provide customers with an immersive and seamless shopping experience while staying true to their brand's identity.

Project Scope:

Our mission was clear: to create an enticing and functional website that not only showcased Heelys' diverse range of footwear but also ensured an intuitive and enjoyable browsing experience for their valued customers.

Additional Features
  • User Reviews and Ratings
  • User Account and Order History
  • Search Functionality with Auto-Suggestions

Design Principles

Engaging Banner: We conceived a captivating and dynamic banner to welcome visitors and immediately capture their attention. This served as a visually striking introduction to the world of Heelys.

Spotlight on New Arrivals: We implemented a dedicated section for showcasing the latest additions to Heelys' collection. This strategic placement ensured that customers were always in the loop about the freshest trends.

Custom CSS Magic: Our team leveraged custom CSS to infuse a unique flair into the website's design, harmonizing it with Heelys' brand identity. This allowed for a visually distinct and memorable user experience.

Seamless Responsiveness: Ensuring that the website looked and performed flawlessly across all devices was a top priority. The responsive design guarantees a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones alike.

Custom Code for Enhanced Functionality: To meet specific functionality requirements, we integrated custom code elements that elevated the website's performance and capabilities. This tailored approach ensured a seamless user journey.

Customer Interaction via Contact Forms: We incorporated strategically placed contact forms to foster direct engagement with customers. This not only facilitated inquiries but also served as a means for Heelys to share the latest news and updates through newsletters.


A visually striking and dynamic banner section welcoming visitors to the Heelys website.

New Products

A dedicated area to highlight the latest additions to Heelys' product catalog.

Custom CSS

Integration of custom CSS to give the website a unique and cohesive visual identity.


Ensuring a seamless user experience on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Custom Code

Implementation of custom code to enhance the website's functionality and user experience.

Contact Forms

Strategically placed contact forms to facilitate customer inquiries and provide a means for Heelys to share news and updates.

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