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Tools used

Figma, WordPress, Woocommerce , Photoshop

Project: Harvis Pizza Website and Logo Design

Client Overview

Harvis Pizza, a popular pizza shop in India (Bharat), entrusted us with the task of creating a brand-new website and a distinctive logo to enhance their online presence and brand identity.

Project Scope

Our primary objective was to craft a dynamic digital platform that not only showcased Harvis Pizza's delectable offerings but also provided a seamless and convenient ordering experience for their valued customers.

Additional Features
  • Order Tracking
  • Promotional Pop-ups
  • Feedback and Reviews

Design Principles

Mouthwatering Visuals: We incorporated high-quality images to showcase Harvis Pizza's delectable creations, ensuring that visitors were enticed from the moment they landed on the website.

Intuitive Navigation: A user-friendly interface was designed, allowing customers to effortlessly browse through various pizza options and additional food items.

Customized Pizza Creation: We implemented a unique "Make Your Own Pizza" feature, empowering customers to personalize their pizza orders according to their preferences.

Diverse Menu Showcase: The website prominently displays a wide array of pizza options and other delectable offerings, including chicken wings, cold drinks, and pasta.

Make Your Own Pizza

Custom pizza creation feature for personalized orders.

Various Pizza Types

Display and selection of a wide range of pizza varieties.

Additional Food Items

Inclusion of other food items like chicken wings, cold drinks, and pasta in the menu.

Social Media Integration

Seamless connection with social media platforms to enhance customer engagement.

Responsive Custom Design

Ensuring the website functions flawlessly on all devices.

Payment Integration

Secure online payment processing for orders.

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